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As consumers, we're exposed to a huge number of marketing messages - researchers suggest between 4,000 - 10,000 per day. And in the age of social media, this is growing constantly. Our attention spans are stretched, and big brands command the majority of our attention. It's harder than ever to cut through the noise.

At the same time, there are more opportunities than ever - if you know where to look. At Aperture, we develop eCommerce brands that focus on smaller groups of passionate consumers in specific niches. By going deep into a segment rather than broad, we find profitable opportunities that are overlooked or deliberately avoided by big brands. And we're able to create sustainable businesses by establishing ourselves as the as the number one or two player in these niches.

Aperture started life in 2014 as the passion project of retailer and marketer James Hepple. After 15 years helping large corporations such as Coles Group, AS Watson Group and DFS Group, grow their retail and eCommerce businesses, James realised his passion and knowledge of eCommerce to start his own firm.

We're based in Hong Kong - a vibrant East meets West trading port, and a great place from which to operate a growing eCommerce business.

Our Team
James Hepple
Managing Director
Niraj Patel
IT Manager

James is a retailer and marketer with 20 years experience in consumer goods across Asia Pacific. In Australia, he held Marketing and Buying roles with retailer Coles Group. And based in Hong Kong for the last 13 years, James was Head of Retail & eCommerce for Wine at A.S. Watson Group, before joining Duty Free retailer DFS Group to manage their Wine Category world wide. James is the founder of Aperture eCommerce and drives our strategy and overall operations.

With over 10 years experience software development for eCommerce, Niraj is our go to for anything IT. Developing and maintaining stable IT systems that serve customers consistently is the foundation of any eCommerce business. But in a competitive and dynamic industry, this is just the start. Developing new applications that help customers with their purchase decisions and drive profit is essential to maintaining our competitive edge.

Nirali Patel
Merchandise Admin Manager
Marjorie Santos
Merchandise Content Manager

Nirali is our product hero, managing all aspects of the product portfolio across our businesses. She helps our agile business model to test and introduce new products considerably faster than traditional retailers. This is an essential part of keeping an engaged customer base - but it also requires a ton of organisation to administer across our eCommerce systems.

Marjorie researches, curates and showcases our best content. As anyone in the eCommerce or internet field knows, online businesses require a ton of quality content. If we need information on any of our sites to help our customers make their purchase decisions, Marjorie is our go to. Whether it's authoring an awesome product description that helps a customer make a purchase decision, or writing a feature on a new brand.

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